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  • Are Paid or Free Subscriptions Better?
    Each type of subscription comes with its own list of benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your history with the platform and your following on other social media, we help you decide which type of subscription would be most lucrative for you. For those just starting their pages, we prefer to use a free subscription to gage the interaction from their fans and how much they would be willing to spend. Once we get an idea of how your individual fans react, we’ll be able to more accurately decide which type of subscription would be best for you.
  • Why Do You Want So Much Free Content?
    Providing free content for your fans is imperative for engagement. It also allows us to price your paid content higher, as it helps your fans feel like they’re getting their money’s worth by subscribing to your profile. Remember, OnlyFans is like any other social media platform, and posting often shows that you are active and engaging with your fans, thus boosting your profile and encouraging others to follow you. If we only posted paid content, you would end up with low levels of engagement.
  • Why is this Cute Picture Not Sellable?
    There could be many reasons why an otherwise cute picture isn’t sellable on OnlyFans. Mostly, these reasons all boil down to one thing: the picture isn’t something your fans can’t get for free. If it’s a picture you’ve already posted for free on your social media or something similar to your normal free content, people aren’t going to pay money for it, and if they do, they aren’t going to be happy about it. Don’t hesitate to send us your cute pictures though, while we might not be able to sell it, we may be able to use it to entice your fans to purchase other things!
  • Do I HAVE To Upload 24 Pieces of Content Every Week?
    Only if you want to make money ;) On a realistic note, yes, but only because we need content to sell. We take our jobs seriously and we do our best to milk your content for all that we can, but as of yet, no one’s figured out a way to milk a cow that doesn’t exist. We understand that this may seem daunting, but we are here to help make this process as easy as possible! Check out the services we offer to help you save time on content creation.
  • What If I Can't Upload One Week?
    We understand life happens and we won’t fault you for it. We’ll do our best to work with what you’ve already provided for us, but there’s only so much we can do with limited inventory. Just make sure to keep us updated on the situation and upload new content as soon as you get the chance.
  • How Often Do I Have To Access the Platform?
    As often (or as little) as you want! We only ask for a minimum of one Live a week, but everything else is up to your discretion. To prevent any confusion, just make sure to let us know when you’re logging on and off and if anything happens that we need to be aware of.
  • How Involved Do I Have to Be?
    As long as you provide the minimum amount of content we need to successfully run your account, your level of involvement is completely up to you! Keep in mind that while we welcome and are happy to listen to your opinions (and honestly believe that we all work best if we’re on the same page!), we do have experience and knowledge of the market and what kind of content and strategy does best. Because of this, if you want to control every aspect of our management of your account, unfortunately, we will be unable to be as effective as we usually are. Don’t worry though–as you are the content creator and the talent we are emulating, you ultimately control what we can and can’t post when you provide us with your content!
  • How do Fan Requests Work?
    We receive fan requests through your inbox and we will consult you to ask if it is something you’re comfortable with and discuss pricing. If we come to a consensus, you have 48 hours to fulfill the request. We will bring every fan request your way, however you can absolutely deny any fan request you don’t feel comfortable with. You have the complete control over the content you create whether we request it or someone else does. We may also occasionally ask your permission to repurpose applicable content for other fans at a lower price, if—and only if—it is something you are comfortable with all your fans seeing.
  • What is the Process for Uploading Content?
    We share a Google Drive folder with you. You should upload all of your new content directly to your personal folder, which only you will have access to. Please feel free to organize it, label it, or do with it what you please and in whatever way you please. We will remove the content once it is used so that the all content in this folder remains “fresh”.
  • Do I Have to Do Nudity To Make Money?
    Definitely not! While we are happy to help you if you decide to embrace nudity, we always encourage our clients to pursue more tasteful avenues and only go to the extent that they feel comfortable going! Of course, content with nudity is going to fetch more money and content without will require more time and work to be as lucrative, BUT we much prefer to work with clients who are happy and comfortable than those who push themselves beyond their comfort zone just for a few extra bucks. We know how to sell non-nudity (albeit somewhat provocative or sensual) content, and we guarantee that, as long as you provide us with decent content, you won’t have to show an inch of skin you’re not comfortable with to make good money!



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